Why Did Beckett Get Booed? Media Should Look In The Mirror

After retiring the first eight batters in Boston’s 4-1, rain-shortened win over the Tigers Tuesday night, Josh Beckett allowed an infield single, hit the next batter, then walked two straight batters before calling for the trainers.  He eventually walked off the mound with what was later diagnosed as a back spasm, but not before hearing boos from the Fenway Park crowd.

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Speak Out Against The Boston Sports Media This Weekend

“…all the negativity that’s in this town sucks.” – former Boston Celtics coach Rick Pitino, 01 March 2000

It doesn’t take much effort to realize that the Boston sports media — or the “mediots,” as I prefer to call them — love to drag the names of Red Sox players and coaches through the mud, to the point where the stories have become clear examples of “yellow journalism,” i.e., using sensationalism rather than well-researched news and objective evidence to sell newspapers and attract television viewers, radio listeners, and web site visitors.  Unfortunately, their collective efforts have given outsiders the perception that the fans, not counting misguided callers and anonymous web site commentators, think as they do.

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