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Regular season schedule and results for the 2019 Red Sox

March 2019

28 Marat Seattle MarinersL, 12-40-1C. Sale
29 Marat Seattle MarinersW, 7-61-1B. Johnson
30 Marat Seattle MarinersL, 6-51-2E. Rodriguez
31 Marat Seattle MarinersL, 10-81-3R. Porcello

April 2019

1 Aprat Oakland AthleticsL, 7-01-4D. Price
2 Aprat Oakland AthleticsL, 1-01-5C. Sale
3 Aprat Oakland AthleticsW, 6-32-5M. Barnes
4 Aprat Oakland AthleticsL, 7-32-6E. Rodriguez
5 Aprat Arizona DiamondbacksL, 15-82-7R. Porcello
6 Aprat Arizona DiamondbacksL, 5-42-8C. Brewer
7 Aprat Arizona DiamondbacksW, 1-03-8M. Walden
9 AprToronto Blue JaysL, 7-53-9C. Sale
11 AprToronto Blue JaysW, 7-64-9M. Walden
12 AprBaltimore OriolesW, 6-45-9E. Rodriguez
13 AprBaltimore OriolesL, 9-55-10R. Porcello
14 AprBaltimore OriolesW, 4-06-10D. Price
15 AprBaltimore OriolesL, 8-16-11H. Velazquez
16 Aprat New York YankeesL, 8-06-12C. Sale
17 Aprat New York YankeesL, 5-36-13B. Workman
19 Aprat Tampa Bay RaysW, 6-47-13B. Workman
20 Aprat Tampa Bay RaysW, 6-58-13M. Barnes
21 Aprat Tampa Bay RaysW, 4-39-13M. Walden
22 AprDetroit TigersPPD- - -- - -
23 AprDetroit TigersL, 7-49-14C. Brewer
23 AprDetroit TigersL, 4-29-15H. Velazquez
24 AprDetroit TigersW, 11-410-15E. Rodriguez
25 AprDetroit TigersW, 7-311-15R. Porcello
26 AprTampa Bay RaysPPD- - -- - -
27 AprTampa Bay RaysL, 2-111-16D. Price
28 AprTampa Bay RaysL, 5-211-17C. Sale
29 AprOakland AthleticsW, 9-412-17E. Rodriguez
30 AprOakland AthleticsW, 5-113-17R. Porcello

May 2019

1 MayOakland AthleticsW, 7-314-17M. Walden
2 Mayat Chicago White SoxL, 6-414-18R. Brasier
3 Mayat Chicago White SoxW, 6-115-18C. Sale
4 Mayat Chicago White SoxW, 15-216-18E. Rodriguez
5 Mayat Chicago White SoxW, 9-217-18B. Workman
6 Mayat Baltimore OriolesL, 4-117-19J. Smith
7 Mayat Baltimore OriolesW, 8-518-19M. Walden
8 Mayat Baltimore OriolesW, 2-119-19R. Brasier
10 MaySeattle MarinersW, 14-120-19E. Rodriguez
11 MaySeattle MarinersW, 9-521-19R. Porcello
12 MaySeattle MarinersW, 11-222-19H. Velazquez
14 MayColorado RockiesL, 5-422-20R. Brasier
15 MayColorado RockiesW, 6-523-20B. Workman
17 MayHouston AstrosL, 3-123-21R. Porcello
18 MayHouston AstrosL, 7-323-22H. Velazquez
19 MayHouston AstrosW, 4-324-22M. Walden
20 Mayat Toronto Blue JaysW, 12-225-22D. Price
21 Mayat Toronto Blue JaysL, 10-325-23E. Rodriguez
22 Mayat Toronto Blue JaysW, 6-526-23H. Hembree
23 Mayat Toronto Blue JaysW, 8-227-23R. Weber
24 Mayat Houston AstrosL, 4-327-24C. Sale
25 Mayat Houston AstrosL, 4-327-25M. Barnes
26 Mayat Houston AstrosW, 4-128-25E. Rodriguez
27 MayCleveland IndiansW, 12-529-25R. Porcello
28 MayCleveland IndiansL, 7-529-26T. Lakins
29 MayCleveland IndiansL, 14-929-27R. Weber
30 Mayat New York YankeesPPD- - -- - -
31 Mayat New York YankeesL, 4-129-28C. Sale

June 2019

1 Junat New York YankeesL, 5-329-29R. Porcello
2 Junat New York YankeesW, 8-530-29D. Price
4 Junat Kansas City RoyalsW, 8-331-29E. Rodriguez
5 Junat Kansas City RoyalsW, 8-032-29C. Sale
6 Junat Kansas City RoyalsW, 7-533-29C. Brewer
7 JunTampa Bay RaysL, 5-133-30R. Porcello
8 JunTampa Bay RaysL, 9-233-31J. Smith
8 JunTampa Bay RaysW, 5-134-31D. Price
9 JunTampa Bay RaysL, 6-134-32E. Rodriguez
10 JunTexas RangersL, 4-334-33R. Brasier
11 JunTexas RangersL, 9-534-34D. Hernandez
12 JunTexas RangersW, 4-335-34M. Barnes
13 JunTexas RangersW, 7-636-34B. Workman
14 Junat Baltimore OriolesW, 13-237-34E. Rodriguez
15 Junat Baltimore OriolesW, 7-238-34C. Sale
16 Junat Baltimore OriolesW, 8-639-34B. Workman
17 Junat Minnesota TwinsW, 2-040-34R. Porcello
18 Junat Minnesota TwinsL, 4-340-35B. Johnson
19 Junat Minnesota TwinsW, 9-441-35E. Rodriguez
21 JunToronto Blue JaysW, 7-542-35B. Workman
22 JunToronto Blue JaysL, 8-742-36M. Barnes
23 JunToronto Blue JaysL, 6-142-37R. Porcello
24 JunChicago White SoxW, 6-543-37B. Workman
25 JunChicago White SoxW, 6-344-37D. Price
26 JunChicago White SoxL, 8-744-38M. Barnes
29 JunNew York YankeesL, 17-1344-39S. Wright
30 JunNew York YankeesL, 12-844-40M. Walden

July 2019

2 Julat Toronto Blue JaysW, 10-645-40D. Price
3 Julat Toronto Blue JaysL, 6-345-41C. Sale
4 Julat Toronto Blue JaysW, 8-746-41B. Workman
5 Julat Detroit TigersW, 9-647-41E. Rodriguez
6 Julat Detroit TigersW, 10-648-41R. Porcello
7 Julat Detroit TigersW, 6-349-41D. Price
12 JulLos Angeles DodgersW, 8-150-41E. Rodriguez
13 JulLos Angeles DodgersL, 11-250-42C. Sale
14 JulLos Angeles DodgersL, 7-450-43H. Velazquez
15 JulToronto Blue JaysW, 10-851-43R. Porcello
16 JulToronto Blue JaysL, 10-451-44A. Cashner
17 JulToronto Blue JaysW, 5-452-44E. Rodriguez
18 JulToronto Blue JaysW, 5-053-44C. Sale
19 Julat Baltimore OriolesL, 11-253-45D. Price
20 Julat Baltimore OriolesW, 17-654-45R. Porcello
21 Julat Baltimore OriolesL, 5-054-46A. Cashner
22 Julat Tampa Bay RaysW, 9-455-46E. Rodriguez
23 Julat Tampa Bay RaysW, 5-456-46C. Sale
24 Julat Tampa Bay RaysL, 3-256-47D. Price
25 JulNew York YankeesW, 19-357-47R. Porcello
26 JulNew York YankeesW, 10-558-47A. Cashner
27 JulNew York YankeesW, 9-559-47E. Rodriguez
28 JulNew York YankeesL, 9-659-48C. Sale
30 JulTampa Bay RaysL, 6-559-49J. Taylor
31 JulTampa Bay RaysL, 8-559-50R. Porcello

August 2019

1 AugTampa Bay RaysL, 9-459-51A. Cashner
2 Augat New York YankeesL, 4-259-52E. Rodriguez
3 Augat New York YankeesL, 9-259-53C. Sale
3 Augat New York YankeesL, 6-459-54M. Barnes
4 Augat New York YankeesL, 7-459-55D. Price
5 AugKansas City RoyalsW, 7-560-55R. Porcello
6 AugKansas City RoyalsL, 6-260-56A. Cashner
7 AugKansas City RoyalsW, 5-461-56J. Taylor
8 AugLos Angeles AngelsW, 3-062-56C. Sale
9 AugLos Angeles AngelsW, 16-463-56M. Walden
10 AugLos Angeles AngelsL, 12-463-57R. Porcello
11 AugLos Angeles AngelsL, 5-463-58R. Weber
12 Augat Cleveland IndiansL, 6-563-59M. Walden
13 Augat Cleveland IndiansW, 7-664-59B. Workman
14 Augat Cleveland IndiansW, 5-165-59N. Eovaldi
16 AugBaltimore OriolesW, 9-166-59R. Porcello
17 AugBaltimore OriolesW, 4-067-59E. Rodriguez
18 AugBaltimore OriolesW, 13-768-59M. Walden
20 AugPhiladelphia PhilliesL, 3-268-60B. Johnson
21 AugPhiladelphia PhilliesL, 5-268-61R. Porcello
23 Augat San Diego PadresW, 11-069-61E. Rodriguez
24 Augat San Diego PadresW, 5-470-61M. Barnes
25 Augat San Diego PadresL, 3-170-62B. Johnson
27 Augat Colorado RockiesW, 10-671-62R. Porcello
28 Augat Colorado RockiesW, 7-472-62E. Rodriguez
30 Augat Los Angeles AngelsW, 7-673-62A. Cashner
31 Augat Los Angeles AngelsL, 10-473-63R. Brasier

September 2019

1 Sepat Los Angeles AngelsW, 4-374-63R. Weber
3 SepMinnesota TwinsL, 6-574-64R. Porcello
4 SepMinnesota TwinsW, 6-275-64E. Rodriguez
5 SepMinnesota TwinsL, 2-175-65A. Cashner
6 SepNew York YankeesW, 6-176-65M. Walden
7 SepNew York YankeesL, 5-176-66R. Weber
8 SepNew York YankeesL, 10-576-67R. Porcello
9 SepNew York YankeesL, 5-076-68E. Rodriguez
10 Sepat Toronto Blue JaysL, 4-376-69J. Taylor
11 Sepat Toronto Blue JaysL, 8-076-70T. Kelley
12 Sepat Toronto Blue JaysW, 7-477-70J. Taylor
14 Sepat Philadelphia PhilliesW, 2-178-70M. Barnes
15 Sepat Philadelphia PhilliesW, 6-379-70R. Porcello
17 SepSan Francisco GiantsL, 7-679-71T. Kelley
18 SepSan Francisco GiantsL, 11-379-72J. Chacin
19 SepSan Francisco GiantsW, 5-480-72E. Rodriguez
20 Sepat Tampa Bay RaysL, 5-480-73T. Kelley
21 Sepat Tampa Bay RaysL, 5-480-74J. Smith
22 Sepat Tampa Bay RaysW, 7-481-74N. Eovaldi
23 Sepat Tampa Bay RaysL, 7-481-75B. Poyner
24 Sepat Texas RangersW, 12-1082-75E. Rodriguez
25 Sepat Texas RangersW, 10-383-75R. Porcello
26 Sepat Texas RangersL, 7-583-76R. Weber
27 SepBaltimore OriolesL, 4-183-77N. Eovaldi
28 SepBaltimore OriolesL, 9-483-78J. Chacin
29 SepBaltimore OriolesW, 5-484-78B. Workman