Speak Out Against The Boston Sports Media This Weekend

“…all the negativity that’s in this town sucks.” – former Boston Celtics coach Rick Pitino, 01 March 2000

It doesn’t take much effort to realize that the Boston sports media — or the “mediots,” as I prefer to call them — love to drag the names of Red Sox players and coaches through the mud, to the point where the stories have become clear examples of “yellow journalism,” i.e., using sensationalism rather than well-researched news and objective evidence to sell newspapers and attract television viewers, radio listeners, and web site visitors.  Unfortunately, their collective efforts have given outsiders the perception that the fans, not counting misguided callers and anonymous web site commentators, think as they do.

With the Yankees due in town for four games in three days starting tomorrow evening and with coverage planned on FOX Sports, ESPN, and MLB Network, Jere from A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory has come up with a great idea: “Anti-‘Boston Sports Media’ Sign” Weekend at Fenway Park.  With the national spotlight on this series, it is the perfect forum for diehard fans to voice their opinion amd decry the lunacy running rampant through the local sports media.

He writes:

Bring your anti-Boston Sports Media signs to the ballpark! Or make them once you’re inside. The media’s ego has exploded, and they’re making not only themselves but us look like morons. It’s time to let them know that they don’t represent Red Sox fans, that it’s not all about them, and that they need to leave the players alone and let them play ball! … The goal is that by the time we get to Saturday night, everybody’s on board, and Fox is forced to make the decision not to ignore our signs. And then it all culminates in the national broadcast Sunday night on ESPN, with hundreds of creative (way better than my suggestions–you can do it!) anti-media signs all over the park, and the ESPN announcers (Tito!) laughing along, loving it.

Allan from The Joy of Sox adds:

If you are sick of reading articles and columns by writers who manipulate quotes, blow insignificant events out of proportion, create drama where none exists, blatantly carry water for the front office or specific agents, allow personal grudges with players to affect their coverage of the team, and/or treat loyal fans with snark and condescension, then make your own sign and bring it to the park!

So grab your poster board and Sharpies, head to Fenway Park this weekend, and voice your support for the Red Sox and your disdain for the “mediots.”

Author: fenfan

Lifelong Boston Red Sox fan, weekend web developer, and badly in need of sleep