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2018 Regular Season

Regular season schedule and results for the 2018 Red Sox

March 2018

29 Marat Tampa Bay RaysL, 6-40-1C. Smith
30 Marat Tampa Bay RaysW, 1-01-1D. Price
31 Marat Tampa Bay RaysW, 3-22-1R. Porcello

April 2018

1 Aprat Tampa Bay RaysW, 2-13-1H. Velazquez
2 Aprat Miami MarlinsW, 7-34-1B. Johnson
3 Aprat Miami MarlinsW, 4-25-1H. Hembree
5 AprTampa Bay RaysW, 3-26-1B. Poyner
7 AprTampa Bay RaysW, 10-37-1R. Porcello
8 AprTampa Bay RaysW, 8-78-1C. Smith
10 AprNew York YankeesW, 14-19-1C. Sale
11 AprNew York YankeesL, 10-79-2D. Price
12 AprNew York YankeesW, 6-310-2R. Porcello
13 AprBaltimore OriolesW, 7-311-2E. Rodriguez
14 AprBaltimore OriolesW, 10-312-2H. Velazquez
15 AprBaltimore OriolesW, 3-113-2H. Hembree
16 AprBaltimore OriolesPPD- - -- - -
17 Aprat Los Angeles AngelsW, 10-114-2D. Price
18 Aprat Los Angeles AngelsW, 9-015-2R. Porcello
19 Aprat Los Angeles AngelsW, 8-216-2E. Rodriguez
20 Aprat Oakland AthleticsW, 7-317-2H. Velazquez
21 Aprat Oakland AthleticsL, 3-017-3C. Sale
22 Aprat Oakland AthleticsL, 4-117-4D. Price
24 Aprat Toronto Blue JaysL, 4-317-5C. Kimbrel
25 Aprat Toronto Blue JaysW, 4-318-5E. Rodriguez
26 Aprat Toronto Blue JaysW, 5-419-5C. Sale
27 AprTampa Bay RaysL, 4-319-6D. Pomeranz
28 AprTampa Bay RaysL, 12-619-7D. Price
29 AprTampa Bay RaysW, 4-320-7C. Kimbrel
30 AprKansas City RoyalsW, 10-621-7H. Velazquez

May 2018

1 MayKansas City RoyalsL, 7-621-8B. Johnson
2 MayKansas City RoyalsW, 5-422-8D. Pomeranz
3 Mayat Texas RangersL, 11-522-9D. Price
4 Mayat Texas RangersW, 5-123-9R. Porcello
5 Mayat Texas RangersW, 6-524-9J. Kelly
6 Mayat Texas RangersW, 6-125-9C. Sale
8 Mayat New York YankeesL, 3-225-10H. Hembree
9 Mayat New York YankeesL, 9-625-11M. Barnes
10 Mayat New York YankeesW, 5-426-11J. Kelly
11 Mayat Toronto Blue JaysL, 5-326-12B. Johnson
12 Mayat Toronto Blue JaysW, 5-227-12D. Price
13 Mayat Toronto Blue JaysW, 5-328-12H. Velazquez
14 MayOakland AthleticsL, 6-528-13R. Porcello
15 MayOakland AthleticsL, 5-328-14E. Rodriguez
16 MayOakland AthleticsW, 6-429-14C. Sale
17 MayBaltimore OriolesW, 6-230-14D. Price
18 MayBaltimore OriolesL, 7-430-15D. Pomeranz
19 MayBaltimore OriolesW, 6-331-15R. Porcello
20 MayBaltimore OriolesW, 5-032-15E. Rodriguez
22 Mayat Tampa Bay RaysW, 4-233-15C. Sale
23 Mayat Tampa Bay RaysW, 4-134-15J. Kelly
24 Mayat Tampa Bay RaysL, 6-334-16R. Porcello
25 MayAtlanta BravesW, 6-235-16E. Rodriguez
26 MayAtlanta BravesW, 8-636-16S. Wright
27 MayAtlanta BravesL, 7-136-17C. Sale
28 MayToronto Blue JaysW, 8-337-17D. Price
29 MayToronto Blue JaysW, 8-338-17R. Porcello
30 MayToronto Blue JaysW, 6-439-17E. Rodriguez
31 Mayat Houston AstrosL, 4-239-18D. Pomeranz

June 2018

1 Junat Houston AstrosL, 7-339-19C. Sale
2 Junat Houston AstrosW, 5-440-19D. Price
3 Junat Houston AstrosW, 9-341-19R. Porcello
5 JunDetroit TigersW, 6-042-19S. Wright
6 JunDetroit TigersW, 7-143-19E. Rodriguez
7 JunDetroit TigersL, 7-243-20J. Beeks
8 JunChicago White SoxL, 1-043-21C. Sale
9 JunChicago White SoxW, 4-244-21D. Price
10 JunChicago White SoxL, 5-244-22R. Porcello
11 Junat Baltimore OriolesW, 2-045-22H. Hembree
12 Junat Baltimore OriolesW, 6-446-22E. Rodriguez
13 Junat Baltimore OriolesW, 5-147-22C. Sale
14 Junat Seattle MarinersW, 2-148-22D. Price
15 Junat Seattle MarinersL, 7-648-23M. Barnes
16 Junat Seattle MarinersL, 1-048-24S. Wright
17 Junat Seattle MarinersW, 9-349-24E. Rodriguez
19 Junat Minnesota TwinsL, 6-249-25R. Scott
20 Junat Minnesota TwinsL, 4-149-26D. Price
21 Junat Minnesota TwinsW, 9-250-26R. Porcello
22 JunSeattle MarinersW, 14-1051-26M. Barnes
23 JunSeattle MarinersL, 7-251-27E. Rodriguez
24 JunSeattle MarinersW, 5-052-27C. Sale
26 JunLos Angeles AngelsW, 9-153-27D. Price
27 JunLos Angeles AngelsW, 9-654-27M. Barnes
28 JunLos Angeles AngelsW, 4-255-27H. Velazquez
29 Junat New York YankeesL, 8-155-28E. Rodriguez
30 Junat New York YankeesW, 11-056-28C. Sale

July 2018

1 Julat New York YankeesL, 11-156-29D. Price
2 Julat Washington NationalsW, 4-357-29R. Porcello
3 Julat Washington NationalsW, 11-458-29B. Workman
4 Julat Washington NationalsW, 3-059-29E. Rodriguez
6 Julat Kansas City RoyalsW, 10-560-29C. Sale
7 Julat Kansas City RoyalsW, 15-461-29H. Hembree
8 Julat Kansas City RoyalsW, 7-462-29R. Porcello
9 JulTexas RangersW, 5-063-29E. Rodriguez
10 JulTexas RangersW, 8-464-29M. Barnes
11 JulTexas RangersW, 4-265-29C. Sale
12 JulToronto Blue JaysW, 6-466-29D. Price
13 JulToronto Blue JaysL, 13-766-30R. Porcello
14 JulToronto Blue JaysW, 6-267-30C. Kimbrel
15 JulToronto Blue JaysW, 5-268-30B. Workman
20 Julat Detroit TigersW, 1-069-30D. Price
21 Julat Detroit TigersL, 5-069-31B. Johnson
22 Julat Detroit TigersW, 9-170-31C. Sale
23 Julat Baltimore OriolesW, 5-371-31R. Porcello
24 Julat Baltimore OriolesL, 7-671-32D. Pomeranz
25 Julat Baltimore OriolesPPD- - -- - -
26 JulMinnesota TwinsL, 2-171-33M. Barnes
27 JulMinnesota TwinsW, 4-372-33T. Thornburg
28 JulMinnesota TwinsW, 10-473-33R. Porcello
29 JulMinnesota TwinsW, 3-074-33N. Eovaldi
30 JulPhiladelphia PhilliesW, 2-175-33H. Velazquez
31 JulPhiladelphia PhilliesL, 3-175-34D. Pomeranz

August 2018

2 AugNew York YankeesW, 15-776-34B. Johnson
3 AugNew York YankeesW, 4-177-34R. Porcello
4 AugNew York YankeesW, 4-178-34N. Eovaldi
5 AugNew York YankeesW, 5-479-34M. Barnes
7 Augat Toronto Blue JaysW, 10-780-34C. Kimbrel
8 Augat Toronto Blue JaysW, 10-581-34B. Johnson
9 Augat Toronto Blue JaysL, 8-581-35R. Porcello
10 Augat Baltimore OriolesW, 19-1282-35D. Pomeranz
11 Augat Baltimore OriolesW, 5-083-35D. Price
11 Augat Baltimore OriolesW, 6-484-35J. Kelly
12 Augat Baltimore OriolesW, 4-185-35C. Sale
14 Augat Philadelphia PhilliesW, 2-186-35R. Porcello
15 Augat Philadelphia PhilliesL, 7-486-36J. Kelly
17 AugTampa Bay RaysW, 7-387-36B. Johnson
18 AugTampa Bay RaysW, 5-288-36D. Price
19 AugTampa Bay RaysL, 2-088-37H. Velazquez
20 AugCleveland IndiansL, 5-488-38R. Porcello
21 AugCleveland IndiansL, 6-388-39N. Eovaldi
22 AugCleveland IndiansW, 10-489-39M. Barnes
23 AugCleveland IndiansW, 7-090-39D. Price
24 Augat Tampa Bay RaysL, 10-390-40H. Velazquez
25 Augat Tampa Bay RaysL, 5-190-41R. Porcello
26 Augat Tampa Bay RaysL, 9-190-42N. Eovaldi
28 AugMiami MarlinsW, 8-791-42C. Kimbrel
29 AugMiami MarlinsW, 14-692-42T. Thornburg
30 Augat Chicago White SoxW, 9-493-42R. Brasier
31 Augat Chicago White SoxL, 6-193-43N. Eovaldi

September 2018

1 Sepat Chicago White SoxW, 6-194-43E. Rodriguez
2 Sepat Chicago White SoxL, 8-094-44B. Johnson
3 Sepat Atlanta BravesW, 8-295-44B. Workman
4 Sepat Atlanta BravesW, 5-196-44R. Porcello
5 Sepat Atlanta BravesW, 9-897-44B. Workman
7 SepHouston AstrosL, 6-397-45J. Kelly
8 SepHouston AstrosL, 5-397-46E. Rodriguez
9 SepHouston AstrosW, 6-598-46C. Kimbrel
11 SepToronto Blue JaysW, 7-299-46R. Brasier
12 SepToronto Blue JaysW, 1-0100-46D. Price
13 SepToronto Blue JaysW, 4-3101-46B. Workman
14 SepNew York MetsL, 8-0101-47W. Cuevas
15 SepNew York MetsW, 5-3102-47R. Porcello
16 SepNew York MetsW, 4-3103-47B. Workman
18 Sepat New York YankeesL, 3-2103-48B. Workman
19 Sepat New York YankeesL, 10-1103-49D. Price
20 Sepat New York YankeesW, 11-6104-49S. Wright
21 Sepat Cleveland IndiansW, 7-5105-49M. Barnes
22 Sepat Cleveland IndiansL, 5-4105-50Pomeranz
23 Sepat Cleveland IndiansL, 4-3105-51W. Cuevas
24 SepBaltimore OriolesW, 6-2106-51N. Eovaldi
25 SepBaltimore OriolesPPD- - -- - -
26 SepBaltimore OriolesW, 19-3107-51D. Price
26 SepBaltimore OriolesL, 10-3107-52M. Barnes
28 SepNew York YankeesL, 11-6107-53B. Johnson
29 SepNew York YankeesL, 8-5107-54E. Rodriguez
30 SepNew York YankeesW, 10-2108-54E. Rodriguez