Ken Burns Seeks Fan Photos for New “Baseball” Episode Focused on 2004 Red Sox

Ken Burns and Florentine Films are working on a new episode of its Baseball documentary series, focusing extensively on the Red Sox’s 2004 season.

To tell this story from the fans’ perspective, we are doing something new for us — we’re combing New England for personal photos taken by fans showing their jubilation in the days following the 2004 victory. …

The types of photos we’re seeking include: scenes of celebration taken in the hours and days after the 2004 World Series win, congratulatory signs posted in homes or businesses, memorabilia left at grave sites of loved ones (there were several reports of this happening throughout New England), and anything else that may be relevant.

If you have anything that might qualify, send it to

The episode is scheduled for broadcast this fall.

(Credit to Allan Wood from The Joy of Sox for this information.)