Why Did Beckett Get Booed? Media Should Look In The Mirror

After retiring the first eight batters in Boston’s 4-1, rain-shortened win over the Tigers Tuesday night, Josh Beckett allowed an infield single, hit the next batter, then walked two straight batters before calling for the trainers.  He eventually walked off the mound with what was later diagnosed as a back spasm, but not before hearing boos from the Fenway Park crowd.

Now Peter Abraham wants to know what the fans think about this atypical reaction.

Obviously he is not a popular player and he has not pitched well this season. But an injured player getting booed is pretty unusual, especially in his home stadium. I can’t remember the last time that has happened….

Is that what Fenway has become, a place where injured players are booed? In talking to several players last night, they were surprised. Fenway, one said, is a demanding place to play but booing an injured player crossed the line.

The Boston sports “mediots” has been tearing Beckett down since he arrived in 2006, whether it relates to injury, conditioning, attitude, etc.. Tony Massarotti, Michael Felger, Dan Shaughnessy… the list is almost endless. Before yesterday’s trade deadline came and went, Beckett was the subject of unfounded rumor and speculation, likely produced by the media to further stir the pot. So now Abraham is curious as to why Fenway Park fans booed the embattled starter?

I agree that Beckett should not have been booed — any injury is unfortunate — but Abraham and his cohorts would best identify the source of the reaction they witnessed last night by looking in the mirror.

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