No Need To Panic In Mudville

For those of you ready to jump from the Tobin Bridge, I refer you to the post from the joy of sox (and be sure to bookmark this site).

Yes, losing all three games on Opening Weekend hurt.  Five home runs off our number two starter hurt.  An embarrassing shutout loss on national television hurt.  Two blown saves in one game by the leading candidates for the closer role hurt.

I admit to feeling heavy-hearted late yesterday afternoon as the Tigers mobbed Aviles at home plate following his walk-off shot, sending Boston players off the field with glum expressions.  There were very few positives to point to this weekend beyond Lester’s Opening Day start and Padilla’s strong relief appearance Sunday.

All that being said, it just doesn’t make sense to push the panic button three games into the 2012 season.  I expect it from the Boston media, who routinely play on our emotions to boost ratings and revenue, but not from rationale fans of the local nine.

The natural ebb and flow of a season is what drives our emotional responses to thrilling wins and tough losses; we would not be fans without this passion.  Just the same, it should be recognized that (a) these three games in Detroit were a small sample size, and (b) there is plenty of baseball left to play.

This team isn’t ready to give up on this season; neither should we.  Go Sox!!!

Author: fenfan

Lifelong Boston Red Sox fan, weekend web developer, and badly in need of sleep